Healthy Self…”Heal thy Self”

I just found this at my Facebook News feed this morning while having breakfast and thoughts came rushing into my mind. So I decided to grab a cup of coffee and relaxed my mind and breathe. Wow! sounds like I’m already an expert? Some kind of Guru huh but the truth is I’m still a work in progress.

What is a Healthy Self?

I always thought that health only applies to our physical body, to be able to exercise is healthy, to be able to go to work is healthy, eating vegetables is healthy, eating sweets from time to time is healthy ( nah this one is an excuse for me haha ) but then I found myself one day having this feeling. I feel like I’m dead inside. I felt toxicity. I felt UNHEALTHY.

It all started May 2014, I was devastated that time for personal reasons that I had to turn into smoking and alcohol just to escape reality, my parents didn’t know what I was going through but I knew my mom was sad because I am making wrong decisions and I had to quit my long time job of 5 years, because I just knew I had to. So I decided to pursue another career, slowly I tried to keep myself together and read a lot of books, I got interested with self- help books and and meditation that helped me a lot to survive this dark days of my life. I got to know myself more and for that I am proud because I was able to believe in myself again. I learned that being healthy is also important in terms of your mental health. When thoughts came rushing through my head I sometimes feel overwhelmed even up to this day, like I said I’m still a work in progress and I try to live one day at a time. Exercise is also a good way to keep your mind healthy because you are using that to release the thoughts, I do yoga for example with a couple of friends and in this exercise you are required to focus on your breathing while doing some poses which is very relaxing and challenging at the same time I also use this as my time for meditation but I’d prefer to meditate alone so I sometimes do that when I’m home. Meditating has this healing power that could help you quiet your thoughts and after that I am refreshed and relaxed. I’m grateful that I have friends, family and a partner who are very supportive on this. I call this “Me time” because this is my way of coping life’s adversities, this may sound funny but it’s true. After a long day you just need that peaceful and quiet environment to start the next day with a better version of you.

Today I could really say that I healed myself from emotional turmoils from the past and I would be glad to share this to the world if given a chance because mental health is also important.

How about you? What are your thoughts about this?

Pablo: Osaka’s famous Cheese tart Review

I‘m a cheese lover that’s why I was excited to try this but it’s been a few weeks since the first branch opened here in Manila and there will be another one in BGC soon. As the news is spreading this reminded me like donuts opened before, you have to fall in line so you can get a taste of this famous cheesetart but suprisingly when we came there is no line!

What’s good with the branch is that you can watch them how they make the famous cheesetarts while you’re in line.



You may choose from different flavors they have Freshly Baked Cheese Tart (P599.00), Freshly Baked Matcha Cheese Tart (P699.00), Freshly Baked Chocolate Cheesetart (P699.00) and the Premium Cheese Tart (P799.00).  They also have Soft serves (Ice cream), Frappes, Hot/Iced Drinks and Memorabilias e.g. tshirts, mugs. ( I wasn’t able to take photos because line was starting to fill up when I was at the counter).img_3169

The Verdict: Well at first I thought the Freshly baked cheesetart is going to taste  extraordinary, but taste was okay. It was not as I expected it to be. A little too pricey for P600 but for the Chocolate cheesetart I  tried putting it in the fridge when we got home and ate it the next day, It tasted better but I’m just like eating fried ice cream haha and their Frappe? yes they have drinks! P350 for the Frappe and Hot/Iced drinks are around Php180 – Php120. I can’t really say this is worthwhile, because I don’t think I am going to Rob Manila in purpose just to buy again but as my Mom always say “at least na-try mo”  🙂

For those who want to try this. You can visit them! They still have a promo when you buy 2, you can get Php200 off (not sure until when).


Located @ Level 1, Pedro Gil Wing, Robinsons Place Manila

Open from 10am to 9pm

Instagram: @pablo_cheese_tart_philippines

Facebook: Pablo Cheesetart Philippines



Escaping ROOM 13 @ BreakoutPh!

Do you enjoy solving puzzles? finding clues?

Do you sometimes feel like you are Sherlock Holmes or Detective Conan or part of CSI? Read on!

Me and my friends decided to try the first Real- life escape room in the country brought to us by Breakout Philippines! We love activities that gives us thrill and excitement as a matter of fact a few years ago we joined the zombie run organized by Outbreak Manila but since Zombies are too much for us to handle good thing Breakout Ph came up with something that’s interactive and gives you the opportunity to let your inner detective come out and experience! It lets you play in different scenarios in a room where in you need to find clues, solve a puzzle and find a key. Is there only one room? It’s for you to find out!

We are still feeling winners after the game 🙂

The concept originated in Japan called “Takigism”.

In Breakout’s version the goal is to ESCAPE THE ROOM IN 45 MINUTES. Players are encouraged to PLAN as a team, SOLVE puzzles collaboratively in order to ESCAPE before time expires.

Breakout Ph is located in Paragon Plaza Ground floor Reliance St., corner EDSA, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila 1550, Philippines. It is after Ricoa along EDSA.

Paragon Plaza Ground floor Reliance St., corner EDSA, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila 1550

Like I said there are different scenarios and we chose ROOM 13. You can check their website for other options.

Photo grabbed from their website 🙂


The story goes like…







You and your friends check in at an old motel after experiencing car troubles in the middle of nowhere and cannot call for help. But this place is giving you the creeps. Something doesn’t feel right. Your group tries to leave the room but the door knob falls off– and for some reason, you feel like it wasn’t an accident. You try to force your way out but to no luck. You are trapped inside.



We walked inside the room blindfolded and guided by the staff who gave us the briefing. After the they give you the story you will feel like you are into the real game now. We removed the blindfolds and at first what we did was just moving every furniture searching and reading clues and just a heads up not all items inside the room are necessary so you need to think once you see an item but luckily when my friend started to find a “key” the fun started from there. We really need to compose ourselves because excitement consumed when ever you solved a puzzle and lead you to the next location at the same time the sounds and the clues gives you the creeps! Unfortunately, we are not able to finish the game boohoo! We didn’t have a game plan at the first place but I think we reached at least 50% of the game. We are trapped inside the room, 45 mins is not really enough for first-timers.

The Verdict? We really enjoyed it and you will be surprised with the twists whenever you solve a puzzle and find a key. We realized that all you need is “common sense” inside the room and the thing is we didn’t have enough time. So we actually decided to come back maybe sometime if our schedules allows us because it’s addiciting. We talked about it the whole time while we are eating and even before going home we still can’t stop thinking about how we could have solved the puzzle. We were that close in solving the next puzzle! and oh by the way there are no photos during the actual game because we are not allowed to bring our phones inside.
For more details you may visit their website.

or follow them in social media


Instagram: @breakoutph

Twitter: @breakoutph

Facebook: Breakout Philippines
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A week with Pokemon Go 

It’s more than a week when Pokemon Go was launched here in the Philippines and it’s definitely a craze happening now. Pokemon Go is an Augmented reality app by Niantic and it’s free to play!

A lot of Pokemon fans are now going outside catching pokemon. So I decided to try it with my friends and I actually enjoyed it. For starters You have two options in logging in you may use your existing Google account or in my case I created a new account for Pokemon Trainer club.

Photo grabbed from Google Images 🙂


After that you may customize you Trainer’s nickname and can be spelled with letters and numbers but duplicates are not allowed so bad luck if your chosen nickname is already taken.

After choosing a nickname you will get your first Pokemon as Professor Willow will guide you how. You can choose from Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle. ( Pikachu is not yet available but I got mine within a week @ Starbucks 😎). So anywhoo I chose Charmander. 😄

Here is my First Pikachu 🙂

Catching a Pokemon is not really explained well in the game but you’ll figure it out easily. You need to walk around and there will be a radar where it can detect any sightings of a Pokemon and you also have to look for Pokestops to get items in helping you find, catch and train pokemon. You can put Lure on Pokestops to attract wild pokemons for 30 mins.

After you reach level 5 you will be able to choose your Team. I chose Team Valor over Mystique and Instinct because I read a lot of Great Feedback with it.

Photo grabbed from Google images 🙂


You can also take photos with the Pokemon before you catch them which is a “Cute” feature of the game.

You may earn medals along the way as you go on to your journey in catching pokemons and there are gym battle opportunities where you can own a gym or join another player’s team if you’re a little competitive and for socializing as well.
The Verdict: Catching Pokemons are quite fun at first but i hope gym battles are little more “challenging” because I find the battle too simple though my Pokemons are not that strong yet since the only way to evolve them is to use Candies and Stardusts. My point is It seem’s like the goal of the game is to just catch Pokemons and not really “train” them this may get boring some time. But looking at the brighter side this Game is still entertaining and who knows? Niantic might make Updates with the App soon as they receive the feedbacks right?

and just a little heads up even though there is a power saver option and you can turn off the AR feature while catching pokemons you might use a lot of data and battery for this so be ready with a powerbank if you really want to be the very best Pokemon Trainer! Goodluck!

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Photo credits: Mai & Conch

Sunday Family day!

It’s Sunday and since my Dad is here for a vacation we went out for Quality time. That’s why we decided check out the Ayala Mall Serin in Tagaytay.  It’s just one bus ride from Dasmariñas, Cavite. It’s very accessible plus the cold weather is just in time for a hot coffee.

East, 4120, Tagaytay – Nasugbu Hwy, Silang, Cavite

After a few minutes of roaming around the mall we got hungry and decided to eat somewhere. We wanted to eat at Leslie’s Tagaytay but since it’s another ride away we ended up eating in LZM Restaurant which is kinda similar to Leslie’s food choices. Check out the photos below:
We stayed @ The Coffee Bean and Tea leaf after our early dinner. Mom and Dad ordered for Caramel Macchiato and for me it’s Warm Double chocolate while I update my blog. (I have pretty supportive parents huh).

I remembered the quote saying “We are so busy growing up, we often forget they are also growing old. – Unknown” , that is why we need to make sure that we have the time to create memories with your parents because the most wonderful feeling is to see your parents smiling and you are the reason behind it.
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BLK 513

I have this friend whom I can consider a “foodie” because she loves to eat somewhere every weekend and for my second post I would like to share this “Dessert Parlor” she told me in Ortigas. BLK 513!!! 🍦

Second Floor, Building A, SM Mega Mall, Ortigas Centre

This is my second time here but since I want to share this is in my blog I brought along my Mom and Dad for them to taste this. To start you have two (2) options Dark Skim Cup (P185) and Dark Skim Cone (P170).


You can choose from these options. 🙂


We ordered 3 Dark Skim Cups it has Strawberries, Mangoes, (I forgot the name of the crunch), Nutella on top and of course the Activated charcoal Greek Frozen Yogurt. There are lots of flavors to choose from but since I love chocolate I ordered for this combination. The best part is You can even customize your own Cup! Note: You can ask the froyo artist for their suggestions.

They also loved their Dark Skim Frozen Yogurt.

This is little pricey for a yogurt though but if you love Yogurts this is definitely worth the try! There are only few seats and two tables here and the line is tolerable since there are 3- 4 froyo artists only. So the question is. Is it worth it? I would say YES.

You may check out there facebook page and instagram for more details just search for “BLK513ph”


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Selena Gomez Revival Tour Manila

Just recently I was inspired by my Colleague to create a blog since I have discovered that it’s easier to navigate here with an app for WordPress and I gave it a try…
…and here you go! For my first post I wanted to share about my first concert experience! Selena Gomez Revival Tour in Manila! Disclaimer: I’m not really a super fan but I loved her songs since “Same Old Love” became the song of my life just recently If you know what I mean 😜 haha

Selena Gomez Revival Tour Bus? haha

I never thought the concert would be so much fun since it’s my first time. I really tried to memorize the lyrics some of her famous songs and even dowloaded the Revival album on Spotify. So me and my concert buddy was able to sing and dance all night long. I don’t have any pics during the performance because I wanted to watch it live instead of watching it on my phone again but still it was a great night!

The crowd sang  Selena’s famous songs from her Revival album like Hands to Myself, Good For You, Same Old Love and of course her latest single, Kill ‘Em With Kindness, which described as the song that means the most to her.

and here’s the bonus! I also met my favorite blogger! David Guison!😄 Isn’t that a sign that I should start my own blog too???

We are both wearing Denim !

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